Sectional Landing Craft

At the end of 2023, JST acquired the operations at Fishnish Pier on the Island of Mull from TSL Contractors.

During 2022 and 2023, JST created a unique sectional landing craft for use on inland waters where access was restricted.  The new craft named ‘Water Horse’ (Each-uisge in Gaelic), was deployed to support timber movements for The Woodland Trust at their Loch Arkaig historic forest.

JST built the unique craft in Troon, taking existing basic NATO pontoons and then adapting them to the task in partnership with local companies Troon Tug Company and JC Laing Engineering.

The brief from Woodland Trust was to move felled timber from the north side of the loch, where there are no roads, to a road connection on the southern bank, operating throughout the winter in a highly sensitive ecological area.  JST’s craft is so shallow that it is able to use temporary gravel slips to operate from, which can be totally and easily removed at the end of the works.